Best Cardboard Cosplay Ideas You Should Check

Actually Cardboard can be made for most cosplay, but if you have attend in Cardboardcon which is “dedicated to the art of cardboard costuming.” , you will know how amazing cardboard cosplay can be, so I try to make a list about some best cardboard cosplay ideas , hope you can get some different feelings :

1. Superhero Cardboard Cosplay :


Photograph by Cathy Wise

2.Japanese Warrior Cardboard Cosplay:

3.Doctor Who Cyberman Cardboard Cosplay:

4.Minecraft Steve Cardboard Cosplay:

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Great Big Hero 6 Cosplay Collection


I watched the movie Big Hero 6 yesterday, another amazing movie from Disney!! Got back home,check google and want to find some cosplay ideas from Big Hero 6,especially the 6 heroes cosplay. Unbelievable, there are already some cosplayers have done fantastic work, so let’s check some good examples and you can be inspired much!

Cosplayer Jin really bring Hiro into a real life! By the way, Jin is a girl 🙂

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Cosplay Wigs- How to Properly Buy

Okay, we all know a wig is a HUGE part of becoming the character. It can completely change how the over all feel of your cosplay.

I have made many mistakes on buying wigs, so here are my tips to you!

First off, you want to find a TRUSTED wig dealer. Websites that have wigs dedicated to cosplay wigs, such as Miccostumes, CosplayBoom, and other cosplay shop relators.


The most important part of the wigs is the photos showing the product. The photos should consist of photos containing it displayed on a mannequin head and on a model. Wigs displayed on mannequin has little to no styling- so you will se the product for what you will be getting before modifications.

Do NOT buy the wig if the only pictures are models! You WILL be disappointed. (Trust me, I think we all done it before.)

The only photo is a model wearing the wig- no mannequin to display the actual product.This contains the model and mannequin display. THESE are the ones you should work for!

(TOP) BAD EXAMPLE! This only has the model photos. Watch out for these! (BOTTOM) GOOD EXAMPLE! This contains the model and mannequin display photos. THESE ARE THE BEST YOU CAN BUY!

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Best Cosplay Ideas for Fitness Men

Do you spend many time at fitness center like me ? 🙂 If that , you must be a fitness man with strong muscular, people sometimes call us “big guy”. So what’s the best cosplay ideas for fitness men? let’s check it out!

1. Goku Cosplay From Dragon Ball :Actually many characters from Dragon ball can be chose to cosplay for fitness men, but Goku is always the most popular one:



Cosplayers: Living Ichigo

2. Vega Cosplay From Street Fighter II: Especial you have long thin legs


Cosplayers: Shinsen

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Kirito and Sinon Couple Cosplay from Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet Arc (Gun Gale Online)

Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet will be released soon. Isn’t that a good news? Tell you what, we’ve already had costumes of Kirito and Sinon for sale now in our store, you can see it in July New Arrivals. Get ready for your couple cosplay!

Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet


We’ve discussed about Kirito’s relationships with other female characters from Sword Art Online (Click here to read), now it’s time we talk about Kirito and Sinon.

Spoiler Alert: The following contents (wikia) contain details about future plotlines described in the light novels. If  you don’t want to be spoiled, jump to the introduction of the costumes.

Asada Shino (Sinon) was the first person that Kirito became acquainted with in the world of Gun Gale Online. However, at the time, Sinon had presumed that Kirito was a girl due to his avatar being the rare M9000 type. This led to an easy misunderstanding and a hard slap that started their relationship off as a heated rivalry and hatred (friendly on Kirito’s part). However, Sinon had respect for him the instant he tackled the extremely difficult arcade game and won on the first try.

When they journeyed to find Excaliber, and Kirito yanked playfully on Sinon’s tail. The end result was very negative though, as expected. However, Kirito both respects and trusts her in both the real world and in the world of GGO. He does not doubt her unbelievable precision as a sniper, and does not doubt her.

Sinon actually despised Kirito at first, when he neglected to inform her of his gender. Events added up, and the two became rivals. However, their relationship steered in an entirely new direction when she noticed that Kirito might be dealing with the same grief she was as well. By the time she was beginning to get over her phobia of the Black Star, she began to have feelings for Kirito that may have been kindled ever since their duel during Barrett of Bullets.


Introduction of Kirito’s costume and Sinon’s Costume


Kirito is still all in black. He has a long hair in GGO, looks like a girl. The shoes haven’t been made, so the model is wearing former version.

He uses a pistol so we made a holster at the back on the belt. You can click the photo to see all details of the costume.




Sinon’s costume is a bit complex but we successfully completed all details. We had a pair of boots for her but the bottom of the trouser leg is too small to cover the boots like how it should be, so we used a simple shoes instead.

Please click the photo to check. The hair accessories are sold separately.

Sinon is a sniper so her weapon is a sniper rifle, PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate IIwhich is also available in our store.


Bet you’ll be a stunning couple with our costumes on any convention!