Daily Cosplay- Vocaloid 2 Hatsune Miku Cosplay

The girl above is Korixxka iri, who is born in January 16, in Thailand. Lelouch Lamperouge and Kuraki Suzuna are her favorite cartoon characters. Games she loves best include Final Fantasy series and Harvest moon. As one of her hobbies, Hastune Miku cosplay in Vocaloid 2 may be the most successful cosplay experience made by Korixxka iri. More cosplay photos can be seen in her gallery. For Miku cosplay costume, just click here.

Dailay Cosplay – Smokin’ Guns Smokin Cosplay

The above cosplayer – Ophelias Overdose, becomes outstanding in the cosplay industry by her Smokin cosplay, a role from irst-person shooter video game of Smokin’ Guns. This pretty girl is a model, fashion and accessory designer, make-up artist and also editor (so gifted ^_^). She has ever impersonated many characters, such as Lady Oops, Dunes etc. Among them, Smokin cosplay may be the most well-known. For more cosplay pictures about Ophelias Overdose, just check her profile here.

Daily Cosplay-Naruto Orchimaru Cosplay

The picture above comes from Yukilefay. I’m sure you have recognized what she plays. Yes. It is exactly Orochimaru cosplay in Naruto . Her eyes, complexion and her hair color (may be a cosplay wig) look the same with the fictional role. How wonderful she is! Yukilefay said it’s her best picture of this cosplay. Besides this, she has a lot of wonderful photos. Please click her gallery if you want to see more.